5 ways of using your old smartphone


Technology is evolving each and every day and some of us realise that the smartphone bought a year or two ago are now already old. Of course, you can always buy a new one and sell your obsolete device. But what if I can tell you can put the old phone to use in other ways? Let’s see how!

  1. There’s no human being in this world that could keep calm (and do whatever) and never lose its temper in any circumstances. That’s why it is always good to carry with you your old phone: you get the chance to throw it at the person that makes you angry.
  2. At the summer many people like to sit in their home with all the windows opened and feel the breeze. But if you have some papers on the table, they might be blown away by the wind. In this case your old phone comes in handy to hold them down as a paper weight.
  3. If you are a exception from the first situation and desperately want to get angry then you should continue using your old phone and not buy a new one. You will be pissed of by the more and more sluggish interface and the sudden restarts.
  4. You can experiment with it. See if it floats! Find out what tools are more efficient in beaking its screen! See how fast it is breaking down when left outside in the rain!
  5. You can install custom ROMs (article in Romanian language) or OS and improve its usability (for a day or two, not more than a few weeks 😀 ). I must admit, this is my favourite use of old tech, but I wouldn’t keep myself from doing the others too! 😀

So, if you have an old phone and you don’t use it, but don’t want to try what I wrote above either, I politely ask you to give it to me and it will be saved from a premature death or from being forgotten in a drawer! I kindly thank you!

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