5 apps that help you to gain weight

More and more people complain that they can’t gain weight these days. So I am making this list to help them!

  1. Where’s my car?App will never let you walk to the closest shop or to work. Because you should’t. If you want to be fat, always use your car!
  2. Fill my fridgeApp is somehow misleading. Its purpose is not to fill your fridge when it gets empty but to add some food to an already full one. If you want to get more kilos you got to eat something (more)!
  3. Sell my bikeApp is something similar to the first app presented. But instead of finding something you have it helps you get rid of it. Don’t you ever ride a bike if you want to get fat!
  4. Don’t count my stepsApp, because there are some apps that do this. If you want to gain weight you don’t have to know how many steps you do because you aren’t allowed to walk (see first app)!
  5. The best food on TV-App. If you want fat, you got to eat and if you want to eat you have to know what food is the best and has the most calories. And what is better than eating while watching food on television?!

I hope I didn’t forget anything and you will find this list very useful. You’re welcome!

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