5 signs that show you are poorer than you think

This idea just crossed my mind less than a minute ago. I thought of people that ar unaware of their financial state, to which they have to pay (sorry) more attention. So, let’s see these things, so we know when we are poor!

  1. The wallet is empty! A study revealed that people with empty wallets are much poorer than those with full ones.
  2. Walking gets you from location A to location B! People who walk instead of drivind (due to lack of car) are thought to be much poorer than the other.
  3. Watching a candle burning! The study also says that people with no electricity tend to be somehow poorer than those who have it.
  4. Water from the river (if you have one in your vicinity)! Families that gets their water directly from source, instead paying the state for its delivery are supposedly poorer, or just stingy.
  5. If you read this and don’t share, you are poorer than the others! Average wealth people share! The richest people donate (see on the right)!

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