Netflix in Romania

It’s been 3 days since Netflix came available in 130 more countries and strange things already began to happen in one of them. Let’s see how Netflix fared in these 3 days in south-eastern Europe, specifically in Romania.

1.In the same day the service became available there, somebody stole the majority of the content, leaving only three soap operas, two tabloid shows and some commercials.

2.Later that day, another person stole the subtitles of all content and sold them on the black (internet) market.

3.Romanians sold their TVs in order to afford the Netflix plan.

4.Because there are so little people who use this service here, Netflix had to declare itself bankrupt and started to pirate movies, not affording to buy them.

5.A local celebrity thaught them what kind of shows get the most audience here, so they started re-broadcasting Pro Tv and Antena 1 (local Tv channels), thus bringing Netflix back on profit.

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