CES brings Facebook new features

Like every beginning of the year there is the Consumer Electronics Show (CES) in Las Vegas where all the big technology companies gather to show off their brand new devices and functions. I’ve been watching the conferences closely and all but one caught my attention: Facebook‘s!

Mark was here to tell us something about the new groups functioning that will be implemented soon. In fact, some people already declare that they got it! Zuckergerb said that he personally observed how this groups gather more and more people and it is harder for them to follow their initial purpouse. That’s why Facebook will start blocking group’s users one by one, until there will remain just one person per group, as they were thought from the very start.

A few people complaint about the new feature, but the majority welcomed this change as normal. They even wondered when this will  be addressed and now can breathe peaceful that it is implemented.

Rumours tell us that there will be another couple of changes to this social network such as the hate button, the F***(word) you! button, the don’t kill me I’m innocent! button and a whole new function that will automatically insert typos and misused grammar into the posts. That is the proof there can be justice for us all!

For more news from CES visit Gadget4U (you will have to translate it from Romanian)!

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