iOS 9.3 brings long-awaited functions to iPhones


Apple‘s mobile operating sistem, namely iOS, got to the 9.3 version. Despite the fact the company published just a preview for now, it is already well known what new functions this version will have. This iOS will add features asked by users for a very long time. But what is new?

1.iOS 9.3 will serve users an Android pun every day.

2.The update will come in a light-weight version for those on a diet.

3.This OS will have less sugar.

4.Every day it will teach you how to hold the phone.

5.You will have AOL as a search engine.

6.Before each important meal it will ask for two minutes to talk about the all-mighty Apple Inc. and the creator, Steve Jobs.

7.The Romania-special version will come with fast-food pre-installed.

8.In every crowded place it will play the ringtone, so everybody knows you have an iPhone.

9.1.Every time you spell a word correctly it will apply an electric shock to you.

9.2.It will send a message to all Android users in your phone book, telling them your phone is better.

9.3.It will project a house hologram in case you lost yours in order to acquire this phone.

There are exactly 9.3 new improvements, as the version of the OS shows, for iPhone users who doesn’t know many things about this smartphone (pretty much all of them)!

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