What happened in the first 15 years of Wikipedia


It is an anniversary day for Wikipedia, the first place you come when you want to find out historically facts about something or somebody online. But what situations it passed trough in those 15 years of being on the internet? Let’s find out!

Year 1: Wikipedia made the genealogical tree of an ant.

Year 2: It wrote about the origins of legs and how they are used around the world.

Year 3: Wikipedia wrote about the first joystick, which was simply a stick from a small tree that people enjoyed looking at.

Year 4: From this year you can read about how Fred Flinstone’s car was born and what technical issues to expect from it.

Year 5: It documents the first crane people owned. The bird.

Year 6: Humans were given a VHS cassette by the aliens, but there wasn’t any device to play it on.

Year 7: Wikipedia already moves out of its parents home.

Year 8: It plays with a penguin at the South Pole, and gets from it the design of the website.

Year 9: The website presents an in-depth coverage of the future „End of the Worldsubject.

Year 10: Wikipedia writes about its first then years. For the entire year.

Year 11: It writes about things Steve Jobs will launch on this planet after his death.

Year 12: It writes about the 2020 iPhone and about flying cars.

Year 13: Tired, Wikipedia takes a nap. For about 6 months.

Year 14: It doesn’t write about because it was yesterday.

Year 15: It tries to trace back its own genealogy with the 15 years older ant on its shoulder, helping.

If you want to know more about every day things, just stay around Wikipedia and this blog. I will keep you informed!

source: Wikipedia

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