The planet behind Pluto


Some time ago I told you about some discoveries NASA made on the planet Pluto. But since Pluto is no longer a planet, but just a dwarf, scientists had to look for another ninth planet. They seem to some-how find it; but why only now? Let’s see some of the possible motives!

  1. The new ninth planet is shy. She hid behind Pluto until now.
  2. Pluto is on a diet. She lost so much weight that now you can see beyond it.
  3. The new planet was brunette, maybe for camouflage, maybe just an ephemeral fashion among planets. Now it changed its hair color and became visible.
  4. It just came back from a vacation in another galaxy.
  5. She had a fight with the Sun some centuries ago and been exiled a little bit further.
  6. Pluto had a fight with this planet and punched it so hard that it got too far away.
  7. It just moved in after its landlord set a higher price for the spot it occupied.
  8. It’s visiting somebody/something. We still don’t know who/what.
  9. It a Russian surveillance satellite, but Americans still don’t know.

That’s it, nine amazing facts about the new ninth planet from the Sun! Stay in touch to know many other things as we uncover them!

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