The fortune teller

I don’t know how come this, but I never achieved something big in my life. My rap isn’t one of the best; despite I wrote two books, a poetry one and a small novel, I didn’t manage to get them published; and none of my blogs get enough attention from the internet.
More of it, I don’t have a job and, when I had, it was a hard one with an income that could barely covered the expenses of attending it, let alone investing in something that I like and in my future.
That’s why I think that, by the end of this year, I will get a present (from a person I haven’t met yet) consisting in a Lamborghini!

3 thoughts on “The fortune teller

  1. The key to achieving your dreams is to believe… Believe hard enough, plan well enough, and you will get the key.

    It just may be easier to swipe the Lamborghini key when the owner is not looking.

    That works too.

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