Monumental blunder or enormous conspiracy?

Recently, NASA announced that it managed to get clear photos from the surface of planet Pluto. But they haven’t got a clue of what will they find studying the images in detail. It looks that they found an inhabitant on this far away planet. One that is very angry. Some of the photos depict the extraterrestrial in one of the moment when you got to be alone: they caught him urinating. He felt offended by this violation of his privacy and decided to sue NASA and planet Earth. Not satisfied just with this actions, the Plutonian also gave us the finger!


In response, president Obama said that he doesn’t really care and gave back the finger to the Plutonian.


The strange thing is that, when Vladimir Putin found out about the message from the outer space, he did the same gesture. For some of us, it seems that the most powerful men on Earth (Barack Obama and Putin) have a secret alliance and the finger is some form of salute or of giving signals!


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