I finally did it!

This is another article from the series covering my proverbial bad luck.
Four days ago my mother made me a surprise. Since I had an ancient feature phone (with a battery managing to resist 12 full days without recharge), she gave me her also ancient, but this time smart, phone. A Vodafone Smart II, to be precise. And, of course, I started tinkering with it.
I am not a noob when it comes to flashing phones, root, install recovery and ROMs. I started to do that 7 years ago with my Nokia 6120 Symbian OS phone. Since then a lot of phones passed trough my hands and I always succeded. But sometimes I get excited very fast or angry and I skip certain important things. Most of the times, even these are fixable. This time NOT! I finally did it! I managed to brick my phone.
I don’t know what to do know, but certainly I won’t call for help. Not that I don’t want, but I can’t!

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