5 things about the fight between Turkey and Russia

I know that already passed some time after Turkey blew up the Russian plane, but meanwhile I managed to find out some things that were not known for sure. I will write them here because truth must be told!

The Russian pilot was near Turkey when he hot hungry and wanted to stop for a kebab, unluckily he didn’t got to eat one.

The pilot misunderstood Putin’s desire to have Turkey for Christmas.

It was an accident. He wanted something to drink and Turkey only found a rocket to send the liquor to him.

A fat air traffic controller mistakenly pushed the button to deploy the bomb after they talked for a while about cookies. Now the Turkish employee is full of regrets and already lost 15 kilograms.

Turkey, being sorry for the things happened, promised to fly over Russia and drop their remaining bombs, in a hope that such things will never happen again.

turkey for Putin

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