10 Black Friday promises

Tomorrow is Black Friday, the day that comes with discounts on all marketed things. In a try to come in help for those who don’t know where is the best buy, I’ve written this article!

1. This year, on Black Friday, hope is 15% more free!
2. Some governments announced that they will lie with up to 20% less!
3. Russian will give back 2-3% of Crimea to Ukraine.
4. Terrorist had their 13% reduction in bomb prices, that’s why they are so active these days.
5. There will be 50% more denials of Facebook collecting people’s data.
6. Santa Klaus will come to 10% more kids (at least on paper).
7. The prices of luxury items will decrease by 1%.
8. Obama will send 4% less threats to Russia, thus leaving unchanged the level of harm done to it, which is 0.
9. Salaries will increase by 30%, for that the thieves can survive through this harsh period.
10. 100% of this article is pure fantasy, but this won’t stop anybody to share it on their social media accounts!

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